What is Life Coaching?

Delighted to see my article titled ‘What is Life Coaching‘ in the debut Loving Local Enfield Magazine! This article touches on why it is important to work with a life coach, the process you go through (the areas of discovery) and the fact that there is a coach for everyone. Hope you enjoy this short […]

Mentoring, Revision, Responsibility & Christmas Shopping?

I recently started a mentoring programme in a local secondary school where I am mentoring 3 girls and 5 boys who are in Year 10. It is such a privilege to connect with young people and understand their perspective of life and work in partnership with the school! Taking me back  In my early career […]

Psychologically Unemployable

I had great fun reading Psychologically Unemployable – Life On Your Terms by Jeffery Combs. What he expresses in the book resonated with me when I first read it and, many years later is still extremely interesting and current. He emphasises the importance of learning the life skills that will allow us to hone our craft so that we […]


This week’s recommendation is another of my favourite books: BEING HAPPY! A Handbook to Greater Confidence & Security by Andrew Matthews. First published 30 years ago, this is a book about understanding yourself, being able to laugh at yourself, becoming more prosperous and being able to forgive yourself. It’s a great read! I like particularly the part […]

World Mental Health Day or Mental Wellbeing Day?

I prefer Mental Wellbeing Day to Mental Health Day. To my mind the latter definition has an inherent disempowering connotation because it often has negative associations. I am very interested in Mental Wellbeing because of the years I suffered unnecessarily because of how I felt. I’m sure at some stage we have all had the thought: […]


I must have had this book as part of my “wish list” because the boys gave it to me for my birthday as far back as March 1998 (that is over 20 years ago – time flies!). Time Shifting by Stephan Rechtschaffen is “A revolutionary new approach to creating more time for your life” With this […]


What caught my attention about the book I am sharing this week, “Why Am I Afraid To Love?” by John Powell, was the phrase “Overcoming Rejection and Indifference”. At the time my working life was rather challenging mainly because I felt that my boss was “Indifferent” to my needs as an employee and as a member of […]


One of the activities I enjoy very much is being a Mentor. I have had the privilege of mentoring secondary school and post-graduate students. For several years I also coached specifically youngsters and parents. The coaching and mentoring have also enabled me to remind myself of what it was like to be a young person. […]


With the summer holiday coming to an end and the need to reorganise our daily life, the level of stress may be higher than normal. For this Friday Reading, I have chosen a great book which I have read more than once and consult when I feel emotionally challenged. The Honeymoon Effect by Bruce H. […]

It’s never too late to reconnect

It’s never too late to reconnect February 2018 I am so happy about having written a book in English and then translated into my native language, Italian. The experience following the publication of English version was great. However, the Italian version has had a greater and profound impact, something I was not expecting. The book, Defining […]