Mentoring, Revision, Responsibility & Christmas Shopping?

I recently started a mentoring programme in a local secondary school where I am mentoring 3 girls and 5 boys who are in Year 10.

It is such a privilege to connect with young people and understand their perspective of life and work in partnership with the school!

Taking me back 

In my early career as a life coach, for over five years I worked closely with both young people and families during which time I deepened my understanding of family dynamics. I was also able to deal with some of my own issues as a troubled teenager who left home at 19. Additionally, I had the opportunity to reflect at a fairly deep level on the impact my behaviour as a teenager had on my family and I discovered how I relate to my role as a working mother and wife. This experience has been very useful in my role of Mental & Emotional Freedom Coach.

Setting the scene 

At our first mentoring meeting, I spent quite a while explaining and reassuring the pupils that I am involved with this project in the role of a coach/mentor rather than a teacher and that my commitment is to make a difference to them in the context of the ethos and aims of the school and, ultimately, for them to obtain the best GCSE results they could wish for. I also said that although I have a clear idea on what I would like to cover with them, I will introduce the topics as the conversations unfold when we meet rather than a rigid agenda.

I will touch on topics like: what do they believe “being responsible means?” what does it mean to be “accountable” and “coachable” as well as “how do you relate to rules?”. The way we (this applies to young people as well as to adults) relate to rules is key: far too often as human beings, we relate to rules as an imposition, something to follow – almost as though we have no choice. I will invite them to look at rules as personal choices and apply them because they make life work rather than consider them as restrictions.

Recommended reading – not for you – for them! 

For this week’s reading, I would like to invite parents, aunties, uncles and friends to include a guide to revise for GCSEs in the Christmas shopping list.

I have chosen Pass Your GCSEs With Level 9s (Achieve 100% Series) Revision/Study Guide:

Clearly, there are multiple options and I am sure the school has a structure in place to support the pupils for their preparation for their GCSEs, I also believe though that the pupils deserve as much guidance as they can get and I am proud to be able to offer support in this process starting from year 10.

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