Anna has been acting as my personal Life Coach and mentor since January 2020. The transformation in my life has been nothing short of remarkable. When we started this journey together, I felt like I had a powerful new car but no clear destination. I had just moved offices with the intention of expanding my business, and I was at a crossroads, feeling stuck both personally and professionally.

Anna’s coaching and mentoring have been a game-changer. She approached my circumstances objectively, helping me acknowledge my achievements and verbalize my short and long-term goals. Together, we identified the gaps between where I was to where I wanted to be, exploring various aspects of my life – from my professional work to relationships and health.

As an experienced lawyer, I can liken Anna’s coaching and mentoring to that of a coach training an Olympic athlete. I have won many races in life, and now, with Anna’s support, I’m tackling even more significant challenges in both personal and professional development.

Anna’s listening skills, consistency, and unique techniques, including introducing me to energy medicine, allowed me to focus on the actions needed to reach the next professional level. Despite the challenges of the lockdown, I maintained excellent energy and good vibrations, implementing my plans successfully.

Moreover, Anna’s guidance extended beyond the professional realm. I achieved incredible results in my relationship with my ex-husband, especially concerning our daughter. Thanks to Anna’s coaching and mentoring, I experienced a newfound sense of peace and harmony that was previously unthinkable.

What sets Anna apart is her approach – a spontaneous and conscious process that considers personal aspirations and inclinations. It’s not about forcing change but enhancing what truly matters, allowing me to honour myself in the process.

During my coaching and mentoring journey with Anna, I also experienced a challenging period marked by poor physical health, emotional turmoil, and the termination of a disempowering relationship.

This implied the reality of making very important and long term choices. Anna supported me in creating a team around me and I have been able to navigate the challenges with resolve and a commitment to deal with whatever I was required to face.

I have been able to tackle financial matters head-on, bringing clarity to the financial health of my practice. Anna’s ability to integrate personal and financial development into the coaching and mentoring process added a layer of depth and authenticity to our work together.

In essence, Anna’s coaching and mentoring consists in a holistic approach that encourages embracing challenges, fostering not only business advancement but personal growth as well. Anna’s approach revolves around creating a life of harmony and purpose, a philosophy that became evident in every aspect of our coaching and mentoring journey.

I am deeply grateful for Anna’s unwavering support throughout this transformative period. Her guidance has been instrumental in propelling me towards success and fulfilment. For anyone ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth, I wholeheartedly recommend Anna’s coaching and mentoring services.

Thank you, Anna, for being the guiding light on my path to a more purposeful and successful life and look forward to 2024 with enthusiasm and power.

Tiziana / Lawyer

I read this book over about 2 weeks, doing the exercises and really thinking about the answers. I can’t pretend it was easy (in fact, some of the exercises were genuinely difficult because Anna Stapleton makes you dig deep!) However, she clearly asks the right questions because I realised lots of things about myself that I perhaps didn’t want to admit. This is a terrific book for anyone who is feeling a bit lost or lacking direction and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Don’t think about it – just buy it!”

Janet Efere / Sales Coach and Trainer, Tadpole Training

Your Wheel Of Life, our sessions and discussions have been enormously helpful as I navigate major changes in my life, my relationship with my wife and my children. As well as any future work life, balance and location. I feel better equipped, resilient, patient and calmer to face and handle what the immediate and longer term future may bring. With more empathy, compassion and authenticity as I continue to work on my family relationships. Thanks for all that you have done to help and support me so far. I have your notes, books, insights to continue to refer to and to guide me.

Michael M / Recently retired company director

This book is a wonderful read and quite an honour to be let into someone’s personal journey – both the up’s and down’s. Both thought provoking and inspiring. I  recommend this book to anyone at any point in their adult life. It’s a short read but leaves you with a good nudge towards taking control of your own life choices.

Stephanie Buck / Marketing Coach

For more than 20 years Anna has shared her wisdom with me. It has been a mutual relationship where we have learnt and shared moments of sabotage and of joy… Anna is her word. Being present to her responsibilities is a vital part of the joy she experiences from running her own business. To be one of her clients is to have the knowledge that you can be what you choose to be.

Hazel Boundry MA / Artist and Communicator

Just read the book, cover to cover in one sitting. Such thought provoking and useful information. Can’t wait to use what I have learned.

Sara Hobbin

Anna’s coaching has been of immense support over many years. She has always been able to guide me to look into options I would have never seen or considered. Her wide experience, strength of mind and honesty inspire me to take action.

Brian S

Both my sister and I have found your book genuinely refreshing, inspiring and have been able to identify with some of your experiences.

Paula Jones

There is something in this book for every entrepreneur. Different chapters will resonate with different people because there is no one entrepreneurial model. One key factor that can cripple many solopreneurs, however, is an unresolved past experience. This is where Anna Stapleton’s insights in Chapter Four – Your Pathway to Success – are especially valuable.

Charles Boundy / Legal and Business Adviser

Right from the first session, I experienced some significant, impactful positive changes in my life. Anna has a deep understanding of how the human psyche works. She challenges in a healthy way, which empowers you to make changes yourself, rather be told what to change… When you work with Anna, you realise, it’s not just a job for her… she really does care, and I’m really grateful for the opportunity to work with her.


Anna came into my life when I was almost at rock bottom. She helped me to look at the recent things that had happened in my life in a totally different light and to move on in a positive way.  I didn’t realise how much of an impact Anna had had on me until I was able to look back on where I was then and where I am now. Thank you Anna, you are amazing.


Anna for me is a dear and precious life coach. She listens beyond the words. She has made a huge difference in my life. Thanks to her coaching I have acknowledged that my usual reaction is of complaining and be a victim. Something I am no longer prepared to tolerate. Thanks to Anna, for example, I have found the courage to travel on my own knowing that I could do it.


I want to recognise Anna for her ability to connect and listen. With her support I have been able to discover the limits I imposed on myself and the filters through which I saw life that did not allow me to the solution to my issues. With her guidance I was able to take action both in the area of my business and personal life and completed the programme I was following.


Words cannot express how much I’ve appreciated our fortnightly coaching sessions. Our discussions have been very interesting and truly inspiring. You have reinforced for me how important it is to be mindful of those stories we tell ourselves and how these stories can either be empowering or how they can become our biggest barrier in every area of our lives. I will continue being mindful and of course this is work in progress.

Hubert L / Entrepreneur