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“For things to change, you have to change, for things to get better, you have to get better!” – Jim Rohn

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Your Life Is In Your Hands – 5 Steps To Create The Life You Want. 

Download this FREE e-book giving you 5 easy steps to start taking control of your life.

In this book, you will discover an introduction to:

  • #StopByDesign – pause, reflection and acceptance.
  • The concept of Defining Moments.
  • Ownership and responsibility.
  • Blockers and limiting beliefs.
  • Goals and commitment.
  • Creating the life you really want.

Putting theory into practice can sometimes seem like a challenge for many. This e-book will also give you real-life stories and practical things you can do to help you take action, including:

  • Activity to identify areas of your life you want to elevate.
  • Perspectives from a ‘farmers’ daughter’ and a ‘criminal lawyer’.
  • Further resources and support
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Do you run your own business?

“There is something in this book for every entrepreneur. Different chapters will resonate with different people because there is no one entrepreneurial model… What is needed is the will to be honest and rigorous with oneself to achieve the honesty and rigor that running your own business requires. Your Pathway to Success (Chapter 4) is a great place to start.” – Charles Boundy

I recently contributed to the co-authored book: How to Win & Keep Clients. The book is a source of knowledge and inspiration for solopreneurs, budding coaches and anyone interested in finding ways to succeed. My chapter focuses on the importance of taking care of the Mental and Emotional element of “you”.

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Are you committed to having a life of no regrets and interested in personal growth and development ?

I have a collection of insightful and practical tools to help people who are stuck-in-a-rut – to get unstuck.

Prevention is better than cure!

Far too often it is not until there is a serious wake-up call before positive action is taken. Well, why not #StopByDesign and assess where you are at now?

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Autobiography with a difference…

“If a country girl can manage to move from the restricted environment of a small Italian village, to London – on her own – and create a successful life for herself and go through whatever she had to go through, anything is possible!” – Anna M. Stapleton

My writing career came to life with the publication of my first book:

Defining Moments – Reclaim Your Power & Live The Life You Love. (which is also available in Italian: Momenti Decisivi – Riafferma Te Stesso & Vivi La Vita Che Ami).

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