Free Christmas Gift – ebook!

The year for reflection

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us – so that’s one of the reasons why I thought an early free Christmas Gift might cheer us all up!

This year, I too have experienced my own ups and downs – from shock and disbelief, to taking the time to revaluate my business and my personal life circumstances in the face of a ‘new normal’.

In many ways this summer has also turned into another Defining Moment for me. Taking the time to reflect on what I have achieved led me to think more about what I really want to focus on in my future. Writing is one of my many passions and this is something that I’ve chosen to focus on and to share with you.

Turning point – do what you love!

They say everyone has a book inside of them.

Well, my latest publication is something that started 8 years ago, not as a book, but more as a collection of thoughts and activities that I would share with clients and at business networking events.

After feedback and encouragement from friends and clients, this collection of thoughts has evolved into something that really helps people to stand still, face up and take action. But also with a touch of light-hearted fun!

I’m delighted to share with you my latest publication – and in the true spirit of Christmas – I am giving this to you and your loved ones completely free!

“Your Life Is In Your Hands – 5 Steps To Create The Life You Want”

Download your free ebook here!

So, what’s this FREE Christmas Gift all about?

If you want to start 2021 with the right mindset (both personally and professionally), this ebook provides a great introduction to the principle of Life Coaching, why it’s beneficial to stop and reflect and gives you 5 easy steps so you can start taking control of your life.     

In this book you will discover an introduction to:

  • #StopByDesign – pause, reflection and acceptance.
  • The concept of Defining Moments.
  • Ownership and responsibility.
  • Blockers and limiting beliefs.
  • Goals and commitment.
  • Creating the life you really want.

Putting theory into practice can sometimes seem like a challenge for many, however by taking small and simple steps you can start replacing habits which no longer serve you and introduce new ones.

This e-book is a simple guide to start taking action and it includes:

  • Exercise to identify areas of your life you want to elevate.
  • Perspectives from a ‘farmers’ daughter’ and a ‘criminal lawyer’.
  • Further resources and support.
  • BONUS – Another Free Gift…!

I hope you find this free Christmas Gift e-book of value and I look forward to connecting with you soon.

With love and connection,
Anna Stapleton
Life Coach, Mentor and Procrastination Smasher!

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