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“There is something in this book for every entrepreneur. Different chapters will resonate with different people because there is no one entrepreneurial model. One key factor that can cripple many solopreneurs, however, is an unresolved past experience. This is where Anna Stapleton’s insights in Chapter Four – Your Pathway to Success – are especially valuable.” […]


Thank you to Garry Kousoulou for having given me the opportunity to contribute to his recent book “Being Happy at Work – The Optical Edition – The Book Your Boss Doesn’t Want You To Read”.  Below is an extract of chapter I authored exploring expectations of oneself and others. Please contact me if you would like to […]

What is Life Coaching?

Delighted to see my article titled ‘What is Life Coaching‘ in the debut Loving Local Enfield Magazine! This article touches on why it is important to work with a life coach, the process you go through (the areas of discovery) and the fact that there is a coach for everyone. Hope you enjoy this short […]

The value of being heard – the gift of listening

Interview with Anna M. Stapleton by Altogether Better as part of the Practice Health Champion initiative. Anna Stapleton is a Mental and Emotional Freedom Coach and recently published a self- help book. Previously, Anna spent eight years working in the Acute Care Services of the mental health services in Barnet. This experience has shaped her and the […]