Is Coaching right for me?

If you are at a crossroads in your personal (or business) life and not sure how to achieve the things you want, then read on.

I support clients to:

  • Establish pathways to identify key issues which limit their effectiveness
  • Identify limiting beliefs that hinder their progress
  • Identify possible causes of self sabotage
  • Guide them on how to take responsibility for their circumstances
  • Develop specific approaches and strategies that will enable them to move forward
  • Set up or develop a successful business.

The key to my successful coaching is the result of following the clients’ agenda, taking time to listen and understand what they are dealing with and support them to resolve their issues.

How we work together

The emphasis of my coaching is on emotional well-being. I highlight the importance of distinguishing between the logistical and the emotional elements of living a balanced life – including running a business. I have developed the “Defining Moments Coaching Process” which deals with the conditioning from the past, including the development of limiting beliefs and how to avoid their negative impact. The ultimate aim is to obtain peace of mind and full self expression.

I work on a one-to-one or on a group level, offering a variety of packages to suit each individual’s or group’s needs.

Life Purpose Discovery Sessions

The sessions are an introduction to my life coaching process. Each session lasts two hours either in a small group or individually.

Accountability Partner

As an accountability partner and by mutual agreement, my role is to remind my clients of the promises they make to me but specifically to themselves. When under pressure or dealing with conflicting demands, my clients find it useful and productive to have regular contact with me to give an update on how they are progressing with their action plan. By doing so they keep focus and momentum which enable them to complete the tasks or project in a timely manner.

1-2-1 Sessions

Single or block bookings either in person or remotely via Skype or Zoom.

Possibility Group

Each group comprises no more than 8 people, consists of 12 2-hour sessions and run over a period of 6 months with continuous contact through email or social media.

Ad Hoc Sessions

A unique feature of my coaching is my ability to rehearse difficult conversations you are reluctant to have, develop a strategy on how to deal with negative thoughts and examine unwanted emotions to obtain clear thinking.

Who I work with 

I am interested in connecting with experienced professionals (HR, health professionals and people transitioning from employee to self employed) over 50, interested in increasing their level of effectiveness and productivity. They may also be interested in sharing and pass on their experience, knowledge and skills by setting up or further develop a business which will enable them to do so.

“Having the space to talk freely, without judgement freed me to recognise a deeper truth of who I am, my purpose and what I came here to do. After the session I experienced such a feeling of authentic confidence which has remained since. I highly recommend anyone that is ‘Ready for Change’ to see Anna – you will not regret it.”

Please contact me to book an appointment, or to discuss which session is suitable for you.

Coaching Services are available in English and Italian.