It’s interesting to look back and retrace the road that has taken me where I am now.

Over the years, I have experienced growth and setbacks. I call it the roller-coaster of life.

Thank you for being part of my life

It was a cold winter’s night when I arrived in London from Rome. I remember Victoria Station, anxiously waiting for the family I was going to stay with. I had no idea of what to expect. It felt like stepping onto a blank canvas, having no idea of what would come next. Everything was so different, I did not even know that people drove on the “wrong” side of the road as I panicked when I saw cars coming from the opposite direction.  

The journey that has taken me from country girl to where I am now has been remarkable! My continual desire to make life work has kept me grounded and focused. I was often reminded that my stubbornness and “don’t tell me what to do” attitudes were very annoying. However, they gave me the opportunity to take ownership of my life. Although I would not admit it, I did listen to the wise words of the people who cared about me.  

No regrets

I am grateful for the array of experiences that have impacted both myself and the people around me. And I have no regrets! Only moments of hindsight where things could have been done differently or not at all. However, needless to say, they have been part of the learning process.

The world of work

Oh yes, I’ve tried a myriad of jobs to keep my financial independence! During the first few years I worked as an au-pair, factory worker, admin assistant, seller of corned beef from South America and mushrooms from India and interpreter at expos for the Chamber of Commerce. My main career though was in HR in the corporate world – (EY predecessor firm Leaving the City was a conscious choice and decided to experience the fast paced environment of the Acute Care Services of the Mental Health Trust. This experience gave me a different perspective of the challenges people face on a daily basis. This was when my interest in mental and emotional wellbeing increased and led me to train as a Mental & Emotional Wellbeing Expert and become a published author.

Family and business

Along the way, Peter (Hubby) and I created a partnership both in business and as a family. For 30 years the family business has given us financial stability and, being a mother, is one of the best and fulfilling roles I have the privilege to experience. Of course I still keep close ties with home, and enjoy going on holidays to Italy The love we share as a family has always been present and felt.

I believe  that fitness is also important and running has played a positive role in my life. I successfully ran the London Marathon to celebrate my 60th Birthday. It was a satisfying achievement and raising money for Mind was the “icing on the cake”.

Those different roles and experiences have shaped and positioned me to discover and cultivate what gives meaning to my existence.

Curiosity and willingness

Curiosity and willingness to learn have served me well and have brought me to look beyond the obvious. They have stretched my imagination and enabled me to consider new possibilities.This becomes real especially when discerning what makes a difference and what is important to me.   

My philosophy of life has been shaped by my experiences as well as books, seminars and resources I have researched. Synchronicities, occasional encounters, off the cuff comments and hindsight moments have also contributed to my learning process.   

Key defining moment

There have been many defining moments during my life journey. One such “light bulb” moment was my participation in the Landmark Forum in the early ninenties. It was then I discovered the concept of Life Coaching and I became aware of the pervasiveness of past conditioning.  

Responsibility and choice

Prior to embarking on the Landmark Forum , I had been successful and was always able to deal with challenging situations. However, there was a part of me that felt frustrated and dissatisfied. I seemed unable to fill the sense of emptiness that had been there since childhood. 

The breakthrough happened when I realised that I was blaming the outside world for my problems and self doubt. It came down to taking 100% responsibility for my own life.  I may not be able to change the circumstances I find myself in, but I have the power to choose how to react to them.

The principles of taking responsibility and the power of choice are integral elements to my view of life as well as my teachings and coaching.

Becoming a published author

I am proud of having published my autobiography: “Defining Moments – Reclaim Your Power and Live The Life You Love”. And “yes” it was another defining moment and a key stage in my development. I was able to join the dots and make sense of my restlessness and feeling of emptiness.

Through the book, I invite readers to find their own way to discover what matters to them and I share what has enabled me to succeed in life.

The blank canvass I related to when I first arrived in London, has been filled with meaningful and satisfying experiences.

Looking into the future

As I continue to grow and develop, my focus is on being the space for people’s greatness to show up. I am listening for their greatness – in whichever way they can express it. My intention is also to guide them to identify and uncover what gives them fulfilment and joy.

We are living challenging times as individuals and communities. Our reality of life as we know it is continually changing. Our priority must be to learn how to courageously navigate this new reality and build long term resilience.

The Possibility Group

The Possibility Group is a programme I have created to support my clients in carrying out specific projects in a group setting over a period of approximately 3 months.

Let’s stay connected.

If we have not spoken for a while and you wish to reconnect, or find out more about The Possibility Group and my services, please send me a message. You can also find out about my latest projects, in particular the Hope & Resilience – The role of early intervention and social prescribing to support communities.

Once again, thank you for being part of my life. I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts with you.

I wish you Peace, Love and Good Fortune.