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What is your emotional baseline?

The concept of Emotional Baseline is a fascinating aspect of our emotional lives. What is an Emotional Baseline? An emotional baseline refers to an individual’s habitual attitudes or default moods. It is the emotional condition that a person tends to experience most of the time and it encompasses feelings such as happiness, sadness, calmness, anxiety, […]

Why I Do What I Do!

Lockdown Shakedown and beyond For nearly three years, I have been writing a daily journal. I find it interesting to look back at what I wrote at the beginning of the lockdown. I was in a state of shock and it took me about two weeks to get my head around to what was happening. […]

Free Life Coaching Session!

Have you ever considered Life Coaching? Well I have good news for you – you can join me for a 2-hour Taster Session to experience the benefits of group coaching. Possibility Group – Taster Session This is a Complimentary Taster Session to introduce you to the practice of #StopByDesign. The Possibility Group programme consists of group […]

Free Christmas Gift – ebook!

The year for reflection 2020 has been a challenging year for all of us – so that’s one of the reasons why I thought an early free Christmas Gift might cheer us all up! This year, I too have experienced my own ups and downs – from shock and disbelief, to taking the time to […]

Procrastination – The Shattered Innocence!

Defining Moments Have you ever found yourself saying “Why do I keep procrastinating?” This is a story about showing off what makes you happy. As a Life Coach, you may think this should be easy for me… However, like everyone else, I too am still on my own journey of self discovery (practising the process […]


“There is something in this book for every entrepreneur. Different chapters will resonate with different people because there is no one entrepreneurial model. One key factor that can cripple many solopreneurs, however, is an unresolved past experience. This is where Anna Stapleton’s insights in Chapter Four – Your Pathway to Success – are especially valuable.” […]


Thank you to Garry Kousoulou for having given me the opportunity to contribute to his recent book “Being Happy at Work – The Optical Edition – The Book Your Boss Doesn’t Want You To Read”.  Below is an extract of chapter I authored exploring expectations of oneself and others. Please contact me if you would like to […]