What Makes You Tick?

Happy New 2019!!! January is the time to make new promises and look ahead, not just at the next 12 months, but 3, 5, 10 years ahead. I have two questions for you:  “What is it that matters to you?” and “Do you know what to do to get it?” Over the last 30 years I have asked myself these questions on a regular basis – StopByDesign, including every January. This year, I am re-committing to the message which is expressed beautifully by one of my favourite proverbs! Yes, so often we have very little control over what happens around us, especially around social and financial circumstances and the inevitable – the passing of time and getting older….  There is, however, another side that perhaps is overshadowed by these two more obvious aspects of life. We have a say in what we can learn and practise. The little habits and routines that, over time, make a huge difference to the quality and flavour of our lives. Far too often we neglect them because they may not produce immediate results and seem, feel and sound boring……… My suggestion is for you go beyond the immediate reaction and find out what excites and motivates you.  My training and experience have equipped me with the “know how” required to succeed in life and I want to share my knowledge  with those who are ready to listen and fulfill their aims and objectives. I run a programme called “The Possibility Group”. This programme goes through a process of exploring and discovering what makes you tick. It goes beyond the daily demands and uncovers your passion. It is an opportunity to reflect on what matters to you – StopByDesign. Please contact me to set up a discovery call or a date for the tester session on 07866985742 or anna@readytomakeachange.com