Free Life Coaching Session!

Have you ever considered Life Coaching? Well I have good news for you – you can join me for a 2-hour Taster Session to experience the benefits of group coaching.

Possibility Group – Taster Session

This is a Complimentary Taster Session to introduce you to the practice of #StopByDesign.

The Possibility Group programme consists of group coaching sessions led by me, Anna M. Stapleton Dip MNC, Life Coach, Mentor and Procrastination Smasher! Topics include personal life choices, career, family, wealth, health and emotional issues such as limiting beliefs, facing past experiences and taking action to live your most fulfilling life.

First time speaking to a Life Coach?

If you’ve never experienced life coaching before, or skeptical of what might happen read below feedback from a previous attendee:

“This was my first time attending a group coaching session and I was pleasantly surprised. The theme of the talk given by Anna and questions asked for self reflection were incredibly enlightening. I came away from the session with a clearer idea of the areas of my life that I really want to improve and the actions that I need to take” – Sue P.

Come along with an open mind and I hope you will enjoy the experience. Don’t worry, you will not be pressured to share anything personal in the group unless you choose to. You can simply observe and take it all in.

How do I book my Free Life Coaching Session?

Please follow this Eventbrite link to secure your place. There are 6 available dates to choose from including:

This Taster Session will be held online and there is no obligation to work with me further after the session. Please share this link with others who think may benefit from an introduction to Life Coaching.

I look forward to meeting you.

With Love and Connection

Anna M. Stapleton
Life Coach | Mentor | Procrastination Smasher!

P.S. Here are some further links to find out more about life coaching and how I help people to live the life they want and love.