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What is your emotional baseline?

The concept of Emotional Baseline is a fascinating aspect of our emotional lives. What is an Emotional Baseline? An emotional baseline refers to an individual’s habitual attitudes or default moods. It is the emotional condition that a person tends to experience most of the time and it encompasses feelings such as happiness, sadness, calmness, anxiety, […]

Procrastination – The Shattered Innocence!

Defining Moments Have you ever found yourself saying “Why do I keep procrastinating?” This is a story about showing off what makes you happy. As a Life Coach, you may think this should be easy for me… However, like everyone else, I too am still on my own journey of self discovery (practising the process […]

What is Life Coaching?

Delighted to see my article titled ‘What is Life Coaching‘ in the debut Loving Local Enfield Magazine! This article touches on why it is important to work with a life coach, the process you go through (the areas of discovery) and the fact that there is a coach for everyone. Hope you enjoy this short […]

Mentoring, Revision, Responsibility & Christmas Shopping?

I recently started a mentoring programme in a local secondary school where I am mentoring 3 girls and 5 boys who are in Year 10. It is such a privilege to connect with young people and understand their perspective of life and work in partnership with the school! Taking me back  In my early career […]