What is Life Coaching?

Delighted to see my article titled ‘What is Life Coaching‘ in the debut Loving Local Enfield Magazine! This article touches on why it is important to work with a life coach, the process you go through (the areas of discovery) and the fact that there is a coach for everyone. Hope you enjoy this short read…

“Every athlete has a coach. The coach can observe the performance and provides feedback on how to improve it.

Business owners rely on accountants to make sure that their financial records are in order.

If you want to keep fit, you might have a personal trainer who makes sure that you’re exercising properly and safely while eating exactly what your body needs to stay healthy.

But who’s making sure that you are making the most of your life? Who’s encouraging you to take actions that put you on the path to fulfilling your goals? If you’re willing to trust the experts in the above examples, why not seek guidance for finding out what makes you happy, fulfilled, powerful and positive?

This is how a life coach can help you…

Whether your struggles are big or small or whether you are dissatisfied or truly lost, a life coach can help you to forge a path that is shaped by what is best for you…”

Read the full article here (page 12 – 13): https://loving-local.com/join/magazine/ Thank you to the Loving Local team for creating this community-focused publication. Anna M Stapleton Dip MNC – Mental & Emotional Freedom Coach  07866985742 anna@readytomakeachange.com