What caught my attention about the book I am sharing this week, “Why Am I Afraid To Love?” by John Powell, was the phrase “Overcoming Rejection and Indifference”. At the time my working life was rather challenging mainly because I felt that my boss was “Indifferent” to my needs as an employee and as a member of a team. I felt rather frustrated and disillusioned. I found reading the book very helpful and enlightening.

Lots of water has flown under the bridge because this was well over 35 years ago and the book has been re-published many times. However, I feel its messages are still very relevant today.

There is a great capacity and desire to love and to be loved within each of us. Still, many people never know the exhilarating experience of human love because they fear rejection and indifference from others. All of us, to some extent, endure the agonies of loneliness, frustration, emotional and spiritual starvation. Rather than expose a self that we imagine to be inadequate or ugly, we instinctively build walls to protect ourselves from the rejection we fear from others. In, Why Am I Afraid To Love, John Powell teaches us how to tear down these walls and accept ourselves as we are – to learn self-understanding and self-acceptance, allowing us to overcome the fears that isolate us. Only after we overcome these fears and break downs our walls will we realise our full potential for enjoying love and life.

Wish you Happy Friday reading!

Anna Stapleton – Mental & Emotional Freedom Coach