It’s never too late to reconnect

It’s never too late to reconnect

February 2018

I am so happy about having written a book in English and then translated into my native language, Italian. The experience following the publication of English version was great. However, the Italian version has had a greater and profound impact, something I was not expecting. The book, Defining Moments – Reclaim Your Power & Live The Life You Love and Momenti Decisivi – Riafferma Te Stesso & Vivi La Vita Che Ami is an autobiography which summarises the experiences lived in Italy as a child and teenager and the experiences as an adult in London. As I was writing the book, I knew that I did not want it to be so much about me, but about my life lessons. I then came up with the idea of sharing the moments that have shaped who I am and ask the readers to consider their own moments and go through the process of their own learning. The feedback has been extraordinary and it includes comments like “it makes you think”.  And that is what I wanted!

Members of my extended family in Italy have bought the book and the highlight for me has been receiving a message from one of my younger cousins complementing me on the book and sharing the memory he had of me.  I feel so touched and joyous at the knowledge that through the book I am reconnecting with a community I was part of over 45 years ago and who related to me as ‘the cousin who moved away’.

The book is a summary of the amazing journey that has taken me from this:

to this