“I read this book over about 2 weeks, doing the exercises and really thinking about the answers. I can’t pretend it was easy (in fact, some of the exercises were genuinely difficult because Anna Stapleton makes you dig deep!) However, she clearly asks the right questions because I realised lots of things about myself that I perhaps didn’t want to admit. This is a terrific book for anyone who is feeling a bit lost or lacking direction and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Don’t think about it – just buy it!”

Janet Efere, Sales Coach and Trainer, Tadpole Training, London, UK


“This book is a wonderful read and quite an honour to be let into someone’s personal journey – both the up’s and down’s. Both thought provoking and inspiring. I would recommend this book to anyone at any point in their adult life. It’s a short read but leaves you with a good nudge towards taking control of your own life choices.”

Stephanie Buck, Owner of Stephanie Buck Parties and Events, London UK


“Just read the book, cover to cover in one sitting. Such thought provoking and useful information. Can’t wait to use what I have learned.”

Sara Hobbin, UK


“Both my sister and I have found your book genuinely refreshing, inspiring, and have been able to identify with some of your experiences.”

Paula Jones, London, UK